About the Daily Bruin and Bruinwalk.com Referendum

The Daily Bruin and Bruinwalk.com are asking the UCLA student body to support a $3 fee increase that would keep our important campus services running for years to come. UCLA’s student-run media, including the Daily Bruin and Bruinwalk, have for decades relied on sales of printed advertisements in the Daily Bruin to support ourselves – we don’t receive funding from USAC, and we’re independent from UCLA. Now, as more students use our services on the Internet rather than in print, the Daily Bruin and Bruinwalk.com need additional support from the student body to keep running in the future. Without this referendum, the futures of UCLA’s 97-year-old daily newspaper, its go-to professor review website, UCLA Radio and seven community newsmagazines are in danger. We’re asking for this referendum to allow for the continued publication of our products, which aim to train journalists and developers while informing, entertaining, educating and improving life on campus.

About Bruinwalk.com

Bruinwalk.com is UCLA's professor and apartment review site, run by students, for students. It features anonymous professor reviews and grade distributions from 2010 to the present. Its goal is to supplement the Daily Bruin’s mission of creating a comprehensive record of life at UCLA by allowing students to share reviews and advice about academics and housing. Bruinwalk was founded in 1998 and now sees millions of pageviews per year, helping thousands of Bruins each quarter with their academic decisions.

About the Daily Bruin

The Daily Bruin is UCLA’s independent student-run newspaper since 1919, and the only five-day-per-week newspaper in the University of California. It is also the third-largest newspaper in Los Angeles and is ranked among the top 10 college newspapers in America. The Daily Bruin is powered by a staff of more than 500 UCLA students who work each day to put together the next morning’s paper.

About UCLA Student Media

UCLA Student Media is an independent department of the Associated Students UCLA and serves as the publisher of the Daily Bruin, Bruinwalk.com, UCLA Radio and seven community-oriented news magazines: Al-Talib, Ha’Am, FEM, La Gente, Nommo, OutWrite and Pacific Ties. Student Media is run by a student-majority board of directors and aims to promote high-quality publishing at UCLA.